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Kim Randall

Kim Randall

Kim Randall is a Social Media Strategist, Mentor and Educator that has been helping brands understand the power of the social web by strategizing positive ways to build their presence Online through the use of Social Media.

In 2007 Kim began working for a company that focused on brands and branding within the virtual world of Second Life (Her Second Life avatar name is Sadie Pippita). Kim provided real solutions to real business endeavors within Second Life working with virtual world clothing designers, musicians and many other businesses.

In 2008 while still working in Second Life as a Brand Strategist, Kim began working with a startup Internet based company, Green Planet Solution Corp. By building a strong presence Online for GPS, Kim realized that many businesses do not have the means to learn about how Social Media can increase brand awareness and ROI so in 2009 she decided to venture out on her own and offer her services to other companies as well as her secrets to those wishing to be mentored in Social Media.

Kim’s Partnerships and Other Companies

Kim doesn’t only live Online, she also has her hand in some other unique, fun projects. In November of 2010 Kim became the Ambassador of Geekiness (Partner) in GeekIsSingle.com. Kim is also co-founder of lawnboobs.com, a company that allows for people to show their support for breast cancer awareness by “Boobing” a friends lawn. It’s a fun way of saying “I really love you man”, plus we don’t want to see Breast Cancer steal 2nd base!

Kim Randall is also the contributing founder and partner of the Online ecommerce site, DailyStickers.com, which will be launching before the end of 2010. The site will feature awesome designs in sticker form, but that’s not all. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what the site will actually do.

What people say about Kim:

“Kim Randall made an immediate impact on our social networking administration. Trying to keep up with the growing amount of social networks and which ones were best for us was daunting. Kim showed us howto use tools to consolidate our content updates and we’ve had impressive results.”

– Mike Angel, VP Sales & Marketing, Melco

“I have worked with Kim on several occasions in the rarified atmosphere of virtual world marketing. Kim was the mastermind behind a string of innovative and highly creative events that raised awareness and cash for various causes. At all times, I was singularly impressed with her fastidious attention to detail, her occasionally fanatic commitment to customer service and her unfailing ability to successfully marshall people from all over the world in a hectic and demanding project. She is one of the best.”

– Steve Cropper, Executive Producer , Reputation TV

“Kim was vital in helping me take my virtual project to the next level. Through her knowledge of internet marketing and resources my fan base grew 200% in just 3 months and mp3 downloads increased from 1,000 a week to over 10,000 per week from the increase in traffic to my websites.”

– Jax Streeter, Independent Recording Artist

“Kim gets it. People talk about transparency all the time in social media. Kim Randall is the real deal. She knows her stuff, and if there is something she doesn’t know, she’ll find out. You can count on her getting things done for you. She’s not going to just sell you a bag of bolts, and send you on your way. Kim will explain everything to you concept to completion. If you can get Kim, KEEP her!”

– Lizz Harmon, President/CEO HarmonTampa Public Relations

“Kim is truly one of the few people that I do call a Social Media Expert. Many people say they are experts, but Kim really does know what she’s talking about. Not only does she know how to talk the walk but she also walks the talk. Kim has helped me navigate some of the more tricky aspects of Social Networking and also gave me tips on how to improve my Google ranking on my websites too.”

“But, most importantly, Kim does know what she is talking about. She’s a frequent guest on my weekly talk show and the listeners are always encouraged and learn something new about Social Network after having her on as a guest.”

“I would highly recommend Kim for work in the area of Social Networking.”

– Dr. Rus Jeffrey

“Kim has an unsurpassed knowledge of Social Media and understanding of how to best utilize all areas of Social Media specific to your business needs. While thinking outside of the box with strategies and plans of action, she also stays within the comfort zone of her client as to ensure you never feel overwhelmed or ignorant in a field you may know nothing about. Thanks Kim!”

– Executive Chef, Dolce Debbie (Debbie Frangipane)

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